Wireless Site Survey

A wireless site survey, sometimes called an RF (Radio Frequency) site survey or wireless survey, is the process of planning and designing a wireless network, to provide a wireless solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS).

KloudWIFI wireless site survey solutions helps companies to design, plan, implement, and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi network.  We ensure that our clients are having a high performing network and a greater end-user experience.

KloudWIFI Wireless Site Survey offering is known for the following value proposition:

    • Subject Matter Expertise:  We deeply understand that your wireless LAN is the backbone of your business and a constant, secure, reliable and high-performance networking is an essential requirement.
    • Uses Industry Leading Ekahau tool:  KloudWIFI uses the Ekahau Site Survey tool, which is the latest and industry’s most comprehensive Wi-Fi site survey-planning tool. This tool allows simple yet an ultra-comprehensive validation of your Wi-Fi network coverage and performance. This advanced Wi-Fi surveying tool guarantees the most accurate analysis of the site by exactly pinpointing the source of the RF or Radio Frequency interferences and poor performance in the network.
    • Deliverable with insights and recommendations:  We also provide strong focus on documentation and in providing insightful detailed report with recommendations.

We have categorized our wireless survey offering into the following categories such as,



This type of Wi-Fi survey causes minimum disruptions, as it does not require the onsite visit by RF engineers. The survey is done virtually and as such helps you in envisaging the final RF environment before implementation. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine the number of required access points and their respective mounting locations.

The detailed predictive survey report will help you in understanding the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS) for your offices or sites.  This is highly cost effective with significantly fast turnaround time.  This is the KloudWIFI’s flagship service/product offering and is highly recommended.

Onsite Survey

The onsite survey usually involves a site visit to test for RF interference, and to identify optimum installation locations for access points.  We also do network audit to ensure the required infrastructure for planning a high performing wireless network.

Network health-check Survey

The proliferation of devices and increasing adoption of IOT has constantly created issues for the network administrator in ensuring seamless connectivity. Network health-check is a KloudWIFI’s diagnostic offering and provides a detailed report on issues and recommend corrective actions. We can easily help you in rectifying the problems like signal drops, data throughput issues, frequent disconnections etc.

Post implementation validation survey

This is mostly done at the place of newly implemented network to confirm the performance of the wireless network based on the defined specifications and expectations. This survey ensures that the network is performing as planned and promised by the vendor.

KloudWIFI offers end-to-end services to the customer and does not just ends with the survey. We also provide required hardware as we have over a decade of experience of supplying networking gears and cloud-based solutions to the globally recognized companies. Kloud Wi-Fi specializes in providing fast, efficient and effective wireless network installations with the minimum disruptions to your business. It offers ease of managing network infrastructure thereby ensuring that you are able to manage everything from the dashboard itself. By collaborating with KloudWIFI, you can be rest assured about all the aspects of your wireless network will be taken care of and you can focus more on your core businesses.

For more details, query, or to request a quote, please send an email to sales@kloudwifi.com