Ekahau Site Survey and Planner

Ekahau Site Survey and Planner is a complete toolkit best known as the industry’s most comprehensive Wi-Fi site survey planning tool. Ekahau Site Survey or ESS Planner allows simple yet ultra comprehensive validation of Wi-Fi network coverage and performance. Global companies such as Cisco, Extreme Networks, and IBM in addition to one-man wireless consultancies are using Ekahau Site Survey and Planner.

The software of the ESS Planner is designed to run on Windows, macOS devices and has emerged as the de-facto tool for all network engineers of companies across the globe. The key features of Ekahau Site Survey Planner includes-

  • Ultra fast Wi-Fi Planning helps in designing multi-floor Wi-Fi networks base on unique coverage, performance and capacity requirements in 3D. 
  • Ekahau’s hybrid site surveys allow comprehensive validation of Wi-Fi coverage and performance quickly without the need of pre-configuration.
  • With a single click of a button, template based reporting comes alive.  
  • It is easy to understand visual map based analysis combined with powerful live troubleshooting that enables in identifying and solving coverage holes, interference issues, roaming problems and performance bottlenecks.