ZOOX Captive Portal “More than just Connectivity”

KloudWiFi partnered with ZOOX to bring this innovative solution to monetize your WiFi network and also help you to offer an enhanced customer experience.  This solution helps companies to understand people’s behavior and enhance their experience in physical environments.

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WiFi in Transportation – More than just connectivity

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ZOOX Captive portal helps you to:

Monetize your WiFi with advertising campaigns provided by yourself or by ZOOX.

Gather demographic and psychographic information from your guests and visitors

Interact with your visitors while still on site, thanks to our digital marketing solutions.

Access enriched analytics with Zoox Portal, including real time data

Increase data collection to improve your visibility and reputation

Manage your WiFi assets and provide 24/7 support

How ZOOX helps you to monetize WiFi:

Collect user data from your WiFi and consult it on a simple and intuitive platform

Display campaigns and satisfaction surveys for targeted audiences.

Make decisions and create strategies based on data and rich reports.


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