Predictive survey

  • This is a survey with a software-based tool, by taking the inputs such as layout and capacity (number of client devices) to create a design.
  • The tool simulates the site environment (walls and other attenuation points) including the type of access point.
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  • Industry Leading Tools
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  • Comprehensive Third-party Independent reports


A flagship service of KloudWIFI. It is highly  effective in predicting the wireless coverage, network capacity, roaming capability, and quality of service for your offices or any large spaces like hotels, manufacturing plants, malls, hospitals, and warehouses. Any area larger than 5000 sq feet requires a survey.

This type of Wi-Fi survey causes minimum disruptions, as it does not require an onsite visit by RF engineers. The survey is done virtually with the help of the floor layout. It is very accurate in eons envisaging the final RF environment before implementation. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine the number of required access points and their respective mounting locations

  • With the proper layouts, check the attenuation areas like drywall or concrete wall, and identify the AP(Access Point) feasibility locations.
  • Identify the high-density areas, inclusion, and exclusion areas.
  • Generating the bill of materials using industry-leading tools.
  • Create a comprehensive report of AP’s signal

A detailed predictive survey report will be provided to you. It is very cost-effective with a fast turnaround time. Please share your layout to or WhatsApp: +917337325755

We accept AutoCAD, jpg, and pdf formats. Pricing is simplified, like many things in Kloud WIFI, it is based on sq feet.