• Competitive Prices
  • Industry Leading Tools
  • Experienced and Certified Engineers
  • Detailed analysis, insights, and recommendations
  • Experience in large projects like offices, Hotels, and warehouses
  • This is mostly done at the place of newly implemented network to confirm the performance of the wireless network


  • Newly implemented network to confirm the performance of the wireless network based on the defined specifications and expectations.
  • This survey ensures that the network is performing as planned.
  • Industry-leading tools are used to discover and collect the connectivity and availability-related parameters of the Access Points.
  • Analysis and inferences should be drawn based on the data collected through tools.
  • Provide recommendations based on the survey analysis

A Post Implementation-Validation Survey should be carried out for all large and complex wireless projects, to review whether your system is running as expected and to further perfect your WLAN.

This requires a trained engineer to visit your site and run a series of tests with specialist software capable of interpreting your wireless (RF) signal to analyze your WLAN.

You’ll receive a set of heat maps for your site providing an accurate visual representation of the coverage, connectivity, and capacity of your new WLAN. It will also, highlight any areas that may need additional coverage, as well as any potential problem areas.

AFTER — you install, you need to test and measure to make sure the RF characteristics meet the design requirements. These include:

  • Primary RSSI
  • Secondary RSSI
  • SNR
  • Co-Channel Interference
  • Data Rates
  • Device to Radio Ratios
  • Jitter, Latency, and QoS
  • High-Density Areas

Only after a validation survey can you know for Sure your Wireless LAN meets your design requirements and can be confident it will perform as expected.

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